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+Sign-off KOME, San Jose, CA (1972) - I was advertising copywriter for the sales department and produced this Shakespearean era sign-off for fun (instead of dry voice, US national anthem, etc. like other stations). KOME signed off early Monday mornings for maintenance.  I did a 1am newcast before the sign-off as "Carrier Jim".
+Music from the Andes
+Russian Folk Music and Dance
+Renaissance Period Music - English, French, Spanish, and Italian

Ostenta Poetry:

+Best Internet Poetry 1987-2000 - Historical relic.  I first went on the Internet in 1987 (UUCP "bolero").  Until IP addressing was introduced widely, the Internet had a "store and forward" process where data was passed from one private computer to another via UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy) maps.  You had to use the UNIX operating system - no Windows or Apple.  There wasn't enough bandwidth for music or pictures, only text.  So poetry was one of the first arts on the Internet.  Much of this poetry naturally was posted from university or corporations .

    +Arrowcatcher You Tube Channel
     +Open Mystic

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